Established in London, Lauren Adriana creates a limited body of exceptional fine jewels. After studying Jewellery Design and graduating from renowned art college Central Saint Martins, she founded the business with her husband Nicholas Briggs in 2012. Working together, they shepherd Lauren’s vision into the realisation of around forty unique jewels each year.

    In 2018 Lauren Adriana opened her appointment only studio in Mayfair, where clients are able to view the jewels and further understand the creative process that goes into each work. With her exacting attention to detail and singular aesthetic, Lauren Adriana’s designs are instantly recognisable, and have earned her a prodigious reputation and loyal following among international collectors.

    Lauren Adriana’s commitment to abstraction over naturalism sets her jewels apart from others, and inspires the boldly graphic designs that are her signature. 


    Her jewels are emphatically non-figurative and non-representational, rejecting the usual inspirations of naturalism and romantic historicism. By creating daringly abstract one-of-a-kind jewels using the finest craftsmanship, and prioritising natural and rare gemstones, Lauren Adriana’s work is setting a new dialogue for what jewellery can be. Of her work, Lauren says;


    “I want to move jewellery away from its over-reliance on naturalism and historical motifs, towards a greater degree of abstraction. As an artist, I look to create new forms - to show in a jewel something that has not been seen before. Originality comes from embracing the future, not recreating the past."